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CDL Training Consultants is based in Longview, WA

Is it your desire to create the perfect CDL Training Program, improve your company's training program, or simply improve your personal training skills? No need to dream any longer, as CDL Training Consultants can make your training desires a reality.

We primarily serve Western Washington and Northern Oregon, but we can provide training programs and training manuals to any state in the US. Unfortunately, we cannot provide onsite personnel training outside of our service area.

At CDL Training Consultants, we ensure our clients get the best training program available by performing a Comprehensive Needs Analysis to determine exactly what is required to fill your needs.

There is no need to wait, contact us today through our booking form to get started.

Professional Trainers and a Conducive Environment

We ensure each of our clients gets the best-trained driver trainers and management staff by implementing a custom-designed training program. The knowledge you will receive comes from 3 decades of training drivers over the road. We not only have professional training staff, but we also provide a very conducive learning environment because we understand that people learn faster in calm and comfortable spaces. Our training is structured to give you the knowledge and skills you need by utilizing one-on-one training for you or your staff.

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We know learning a skill can be difficult, or tedious – especially if training drivers is new process for you. As such, we make sure that our clients’ individual needs are fully-addressed. We take everyone’s short-term and long-term goals and aims into account. Because of this, we can boast many satisfied customers--many of whom have given us great reviews and they have also referred other customers to utilize our services. You also can become one of our satisfied customers.


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